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Auto Accident

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I worked for insurance companies and large entities in the past. I saw first-hand how they take advantage of the victim by reducing real people to what a computer program or adjuster calculates their cases are worth. Real people were suffering, so I started my own firm to tell their stories. I made a commitment to take the time to listen and learn every detail so that they would be heard and their suffering brought to the negotiation table or to a judge or jury.

A careless act has changed your life. You are normally an independent person and although others have offered their help, you hate to rely on them. You are always on top of your game, but since the accident, your pain has impacted your work and your family commitments. Now you are talking to an insurance adjuster who does not seem to value what you have been through. Suffering from accidental injuries through no fault of your own, we're your partner in legal representation.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

We get you taken seriously. Our experience and insight get you the best results because we know how to interact with the insurance company, judge or jury. We bring power by telling your case the way it should be told and by fighting to get you as close to whole as humanly possible.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

What makes us special: We provide aggressive representation humanely. We are here to listen to your specific suffering. Our experience and honesty give you insight into the best approach for your case. We have a fearless approach in negotiations with the insurance company. We are a trial advocate that will tell your story.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

We fully support it. Clients who have been injured in an accident are in pain and upset. They have a lot of questions. We communicate with our clients as truthfully and directly as we can and explain legal issues so they understand.

We have devoted an entire page of our website to answering questions we frequently hear. One such question we have heard a lot in the past from clients is whether a person has a personal injury case. The answer is that Injuries in accidents vary from person to person. All injury claims require a medical provider to connect the cause of the injury to the accident. A medical doctor will evaluate a person based on their particular injury and past medical history. Sometimes the medical doctor will prescribe surgery, a cast or physical therapy. It is important that the injured person follows the directions of his or her medical provider. What is different for each person is what may make him or her susceptible to an injury such as whether you have been in an accident in the past or suffered a past injury.

Treatment received is quantified by medical bills. We seek compensation for the medical bills that resulted from the accident. In addition, we fight to compensate any lost time from work. We also pursue pain and suffering. This is the very specific part of the claim that relates to the losses that impact a client personally such as playing on your basketball team or picking up a laundry basket.

Karen Kohn

Ms. Kohn has tried cases to verdict in front of judges and juries in Washington, DC and Maryland. Prior to starting the law group, Ms. Kohn worked at Cohen & Cohen, PC where she negotiated thousands of cases. Ms. Kohn served as WMATA Assistant General Counsel where she defended clients in negligence and product liability cases. Ms. Kohn worked at the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence where she represented cities and victims disproportionately affected by gun violence. She has also served as pro bono counsel at the House of Ruth in Baltimore, Maryland, as a Montgomery County District Court Mediator and been admitted to the Montgomery County Inn of Court for two terms.

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