Law Offices of Kenneth A. Norsworthy, LLC

Law Offices of Kenneth A. Norsworthy, LLC

Ken Norsworthy has practiced in Alaska for 40 years. He is licensed in both Alaska and Texas and is a member of the Alaska and Texas Bar Associations and The National Trial Lawyers*. Personal Injury Auto Accidents Slip & Fall Medical Negligence

Firm Overview

We handle cases involving all types of accidents, including but not limited to automobile, boating, aviation, industrial, slip and fall, and use of defective products. The injury does not necessarily have to result in hospitalization and/or extensive medical treatment to be of a sufficient damage value for our firm to accept. Sometimes injuries that result in no hospitalization and only minimal medical treatment or care result in significant pain and suffering, permanent disability and/or mental and emotional anguish. In such cases the victim is entitled under the law to the same level of compensation for their pain and suffering and disability related damages as the person requiring significant medical care. In order to accurately evaluate your claim as to the likely range of damages it would yield in a settlement and a judgment at trial you will need to provide us with all applicable records relating to the accident and the medical care and other information that may be requested by us which we will review free of charge in evaluating your claim prior to making a decision to either decline or accept your claim for representation. It is almost always beneficial for the prospective injury client to seek a claim evaluation from an injury lawyer as soon as possible after the occurrence of their injury.

We represent military dependents for claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act relating to personal injury, death and property loss caused by the negligence or intentional acts of military members or civil servant employees of the federal agency involved, including military hospital medical malpractice claims.

Successful Case Results
Seven-figure settlement as co-counsel in medical malpractice case; misdiagnosis of terminal lung disease
Mid-six-figure settlement of Federal Tort Claims Act claim in medical malpractice case for failure to timely diagnose breast cancer
Mid-six-figure settlement for wrongful death and survival act claims resulting from an Alaska commercial bush aircraft accident
Mid-six-figure settlement in attorney malpractice case
$2.2 million-plus arbitration award against State Farm Insurance in first-party UIM auto collision claim
Mid-six-figure settlement in premises liability case against national chain store in Anchorage for slip and fall on ice in parking lot causing permanent partial disability
Mid-six-figure settlement in premises liability case where bicyclist collided with negligently maintained hazardous parking lot sign structure causing eye and brain injuries
Settlements of 10 individual Fen-Phen claimants' class-action claims as co-counsel ranging from five to seven-figure recoveries
Seven-figure settlement as co-counsel in bad faith case against national automobile insurance company
$169,573.25 personal injury recovery for individual client as participant in class action for product liability against Merck, manufacturer of Vioxx
High-six-figure settlement in premises liability case against national chain store in Anchorage, for slip and fall on ice in parking lot causing brain injury
Mid-six-figure settlement as co-counsel in seaman's personal injury case involving severe back injury suffered by the vessel captain
Mid-six-figure settlement as co-counsel in bad faith insurance case for wrongful denial of disability insurance benefits against client's employer and national insurance company
Five-figure settlement of personal injury Federal Tort Claims Act claim resulting from ATV accident on military installation
Mid-six-figure settlement in premises liability case against hotel for slip and fall injury
Six-figure settlement against national hardware chain store for premises liability claim based on negligent shelf-stocking of heavy product items causing severe permanent nerve damage injury and partial loss of use of hand when curtain rods fell on customer crushing wrist.

One five-figure and one six-figure settlement of Federal Tort Claims Act claims against military hospital for negligent failure to prevent sexual assaults by hospital anesthetist on two military dependent spouses while under anesthesia.
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* Nolo has confirmed that every member attorney has a valid license and is in good standing with the state agency that licenses lawyers. Any past disbarments and suspensions (with possible exceptions for minor violations or nonpayment of dues, in our discretion) will be indicated accordingly in the badge. Member attorneys are required to notify Nolo immediately if they become the subject of any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency.