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Michael Kimmelman P.C.

Welcome to the law offices of Michael Kimmelman P.C. Our practice is limited to personal injury matters. Each case is given the care and attention it deserves, regardless of its size.

Firm Overview

All of our clients are welcome to speak with one of the attorneys at all times during office hours and we are available during evening hours and on weekends on our cell phones.

The majority of our cases are referred to us by prior clients who are satisfied with the results we have achieved for them. We do not advertise to obtain new cases. As a way of giving back to our clients, we encourage them to consult with us regarding other legal matters. If we can be of service to them, we do so and no fee is charged for these services. We have helped numerous clients in the past by writing letters and making phone calls on non-personal injury matters.

This practice was started in 1954 by Norman Kimmelman. He was a solo practitioner until 1983, when Michael Kimmelman joined him in his practice. Norman retired in 1990 and Michael has now been joined by his son Jake.
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Main Office
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Auto Accident
Michael Kimmelman P.C. specializes in car accident cases, slip/trip and fall accidents, as well as Worker's Compensation cases.
At Michael Kimmelman, P.C., we work tirelessly on your behalf from the inception of the case until the end stages. Our communication lines remain open throughout the entire process so our clients can reach us at any time regarding their case. We go to battle with the insurance companies to ensure your no-fault benefits are provided, and make this process as seamless as possible.

Many people are unfamiliar with the law with regard to no-fault cases and the "serious injury" threshold here in New York State. This is a brief overview to give each potential client an understanding of the way the law works here in New York.

New York is considered a "no-fault" state, and this is because when someone is involved in a car accident here, they are automatically entitled to certain benefits, regardless of who's fault the accident was. Some of these benefits include payment of the medical bills for treatment related to the accident, lost wages if you are disabled from work, payment for medical devices like a cervical collar or crutches, transportation reimbursement to go to and from a doctor's office, or if you had to hire help around the house you may be reimbursed for that as well.

"Serious Injury" Threshold
In order to recover money for a person's "pain and suffering" In New York State, it must be proven that they have sustained a "serious injury" in the eyes of the law. "Serious injury" has been broken down into 6 categories:

1. Death
2. A broken bone
3. A significant disfigurement (i.e. a scar)
4. If you are a woman who was pregnant and lost the baby as a result of the accident.
5. If the injured person cannot do substantially all of their normal, daily, routine activities for 90 consecutive days during the first 180 days following the accident.
6. If the injured person suffers a permanent or permanent/partial loss of use of a bodily member/system/function/organ.

Our job is to be sure that each client qualifies as having sustained a "serious injury" in the eyes of the law, while ensuring that their no-fault benefits are being provided. This allows the client to focus on their treatment of their injuries and ultimately healing as best they can.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The easiest way to distinguish our firm from the rest would be in terms of client care/communication. Our lawyers are always available to discuss a case with a client, day or night. A client will never have an issue reaching his/her attorney, and if they don't get us on the phone immediately, their call will be returned within 24 hours. The attorneys here will be fully familiar with the details and facts on each case at any given time and fully prepared to update any client or answer any questions. It is this kind of one-on-one client care that makes our firm the ideal choice when selecting an attorney to represent you and guide you through this process.

Jake Kimmelman

My name is Jake Kimmelman. I have been practicing law as an attorney since being admitted to the New York State Bar in 2012. I attended the University of Maryland at College Park for my undergraduate studies where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in May of 2008. I then attended the St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida where I received my Juris Doctor in May of 2011.
I joined my father Michael Kimmelman in the practice which concentrates on personal injury. More specifically, our focus is primarily on car accident cases, slip and fall, trip and fall, and medical malpractice cases. Our main goal is client satisfaction and ensuring that each client feels that they are receiving the best representation possible.

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