The Price Law Firm LLC

The Price Law Firm LLC

Quality Representation in New York Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Firm Overview

The Price Law Firm offers comprehensive service practice areas spanning to give clients first-class representation in New York residential and commercial real estate law and personal injury litigation.

Within the scope of our practice, we offer clients a remarkably broad range of services in situations ranging from rent control and security deposit disputes to complex commercial lease litigation.

New York Landlord-Tenant Law Matters

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law

Many of our clients are tenants in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens who need advice about staying in their rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartments after notice of adverse landlord action. However, we are selective in the cases we take, applying our resources to cases that have significant merit. Our law firm also represents New York landlords on a wide variety of transactional and litigation problems in residential and commercial leasing.
Rent Stabilization and Deregulation Issues Lawyer

Our law firm is among the very few in Greater New York with the skill set necessary to resolve complicated issues in the realm of rent stabilization and rent control.

Joshua Price specializes in complex civil litigation. His resourceful approach to landlord-tenant and rent control issues has made substantial contributions to the development of the law in this perennially controversial area. Our firm handles both residential and commercial real estate and landlord-tenant law matters.

Clients seeking individualized service and aggressive representation turn to The Price Law Firm. Based on our skills and experience in real estate law matters, we are highly selective in choosing cases, and limit our caseload to provide the highest level of legal service possible to our clients.

If you have been hurt in an accident, or if you need help with a landlord-tenant, co-op board or commercial lease problem, contact an experienced New York real estate and personal injury attorney at The Price Law Firm. Call (212) 675-1125 for a free consultation.
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