What should I do if a police officer did not file a report at the scene of an accident?

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What should I do if a police officer did not file a report at the scene of an accident?


Reporting a car accident to the police is an important step to protecting your rights for compensation later. When called to the scene of an accident, most police officers will file a report, but there may be circumstances in which they don’t file a report.  Anyone involved in an accident can file a report after the accident though. Even a witness can file a report after the accident.

The report at the scene is often the most credible because it is written immediately following the accident while all the details are still fresh and the police can witness the scene and vehicles. The more time that passes, the less credible a report becomes.  However, it is not too late to submit a report if a report was not written at the scene of the accident. A driver (or passenger) should request a police report form as soon after the accident as possible.

Also, if no police officer responded to the scene, a person can always call for a police officer to come to her house to inspect the damage to the car and to record the events as relayed from the driver who contacted the police. Obviously, the report will note that the information came from one party and was not witnessed by the police.  The other driver will usually be contacted to submit his own report of the incident.

Getting Legal Help

It is important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon after an accident as possible. A personal injury attorney can help an injured victim get the right information and reports from the start and protect her from missing something important that she will need later if she files a claim or lawsuit.