What should I expect in my interview with the claims adjuster?

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What should I expect in my interview with the claims adjuster?


Generally, a first meeting following an accident will involve meeting with a staff adjustor or independent adjuster representing an insurance company. The adjuster’s job includes meeting with drivers in a timely manner (shortly following an accident), investigating the liability of each party in a given accident, determining damage amounts sustained by each party involved, and in all cases, protect their interests of their employer, the insurance company.

In a post-accident insurance interview with a claims adjuster, a driver’s experience will vary, often based on the nature of the car accident and ensuing future claims. In general, it is highly advisable a driver seek the representation of legal counsel prior to providing any statements to an insurance company, whether their own or other drivers. This is important, because any information provided during any insurance adjuster meeting will likely become part of any ensuing future litigation related to a claim.

In the process of determining liability and substantiating damage claims, drivers should be prepared to provide documentation or evidence supporting the following items during the adjuster meeting, including:

  • All documents and evidence supporting damage claims, including having clearly outlined and vetted damages on paper, alongside related values of these damages. This should include estimates from car repair companies, photos of the vehicle, medical bills, statements from doctors, and statements concerning lost wages from employers.
  • All documentation supporting your version of the events of the car accident, and by extension, the liability of all of the parties involved. This will include items such as police reports, damage photos, photos of the scene, testimony from passengers, testimony from witnesses, and any other relevant items.

Depending on the extent of damages in a given car accident case, the statements made during the interview process may indicate liability for damages, which if including bodily injury, could ultimately cost a driver staggering amounts of money. For this and other reasons, consulting with legal counsel beforehand is highly advisable.