Can filing a law suit against the insurance company get me a fair settlement for a car accident?

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Can filing a law suit against the insurance company get me a fair settlement for a car accident?


Accidents happen. In some instances, however, what happens after an accident is more difficult to accept. This is because insurance companies do what they do to either avoid paying you the exact amount or pay you a lesser amount. When this happens, filing law suit against car insurance companies may be a good option for you. This is especially true if settlement negotiations between you and the company break down.

Filing law suit against car insurance is a good way to get the company to sit up and notice you. Too often, most people either accept a lower amount or if negotiations go nowhere, just accept it as a loss. By filing a lawsuit, your disagreement with the company gets settled in the court. This way both of you have no control over what happens. The third party, in this case, the court, wil be the one to decide on the merits of the arguments.

The good thing about filing a lawsuit is that regardless of the outcome, the insurance company is likely to lose. First, they spend money for the attorneys. Second, they risk ruining their reputation. This is not counting the possibility that you win and get the correct compensation. It goes without saying that if you are filing law suit against car insurance, you should get a good attorney--someone who is very well versed in insurance settlement cases.

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