Is a car accident injury claim the same as a civil lawsuit?

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I got into a car accident while my friend was driving and I was badly injured. The accident was my friend’s fault, but I don’t really want to sue him and get him into trouble with his insurance company. I do want to recover my medical expenses and stuff. Is a car accident injury claim the same as a civil lawsuit or can I get my money back without suing him?


There is a difference between a civil suit and a car accident injury claim in many cases. A car accident injury claim can be made directly to the insurance company and the insurance company can determine how much is appropriate to pay you and offer you a settlement.

A civil suit on the other hand, involves filing papers wit the court and then having to prove your case. The judge or jury would decide damages in a civil lawsuit, unless the insurance company offered you a settlement that you accepted. In order to understand the difference, and to ensure that you get the recovery you need, you should consider speaking to a car accident attorney who can help explain your rights and help you file any necessary claims.

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