How can I get more money for my car accident insurance settlement?

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How can I get more money for my car accident insurance settlement?


The settlement amount in a given car accident case is subject to several factors, including the ability of a claimant to prepare and file a viable claims with sufficient documentation, the negotiating skills of the claimant, and other case-specific factors. However, it is important to note that settlement amounts are not simply arbitrary figures. The settlement amount in any given auto accident case will likely come close to or slightly exceed the actual amount of damages sustained by a claimant. In simple auto accident cases involving property damage or minor injuries, there likely is little room for negotiation regarding the final settlement amount. However, in claims cases involving bodily injuries, especially injuries presenting the potential for future disability and interference with earning an income, having legal counsel involved from the onset of a claims case can ultimately result in a claimant obtaining significantly more compensation.

In short, obtaining more compensation in your auto accident settlement will hinge on two important factors, including:

  • The ability of a claimant to build and document a viable claims case, including the ability to document all past, current, and expected future damages, including general damages, special damages, and lost income related damages.
  • Second, the ability of a claimant to use legal counsel in his or her claim, including negotiating with an insurance company and for insight into how to build, prepare, document, and file a viable claims case covering all possible damage claims

For more information about your specific auto accident case, consult with an auto accident lawyer today.