How can I get the police report of my accident changed?

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How can I get the police report of my accident changed?


If you become involved in an auto accident, you must file a police report to document the facts surrounding the accident. In a lot of cases, those involved may be suffering from shock when they relay their account. Later they may realize that they made a mistake, missed facts or did not include a full roster of witnesses. In these cases, they may request an amendment to the original police reports.

Amending Police Reports

In many states, amending a police report is a simple process. In some states, the individual only needs to file a form or speak with an officer to relate new information regarding the scene of the accident. They may also submit a car accident witness statement that corrects the original police officer’s statements. However, insurance companies will base their findings on the original report.

Disputing the Report

If for some reason you are not allowed to amend the original police report or if the opposing insurance company refuses to recognize an amendment, your only recourse may be to file a lawsuit and let the court decide.

Once you file a lawsuit, several possible scenarios may result:

  • The other party and their representatives may consider negotiating for a more appropriate settlement
  • Both parties may agree to let a mediator provide a judgment on the case, although such a judgment is not binding
  • Both parties may agree to hire an arbitrator to provide a judgment that is binding
  • The case may go to court where a judge and/or jury will decide the merits of the police accident report and the case

It is always advisable to consult an attorney when you are involved in a car accident. Talk with a lawyer to discuss amending a car accident report.