How do I file a settlement claim for a passenger injured in a car accident?

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How do I file a settlement claim for a passenger injured in a car accident?


With car accidents and passenger injuries the injured party often has claims with multiple insurance companies. First, the as the injured passenger you will need to determine if by state law insurance will follow the vehicle you were in or if you will have to make a claim under your own insurance policy for first party medical coverage (if you do not have insurance you will go to the vehicle you were in automatically). Next, once liability has been determined you will have an injury claim with the responsible party's insurance company, if that happens to be the vehicle you were in, you will have two separate claims for your passenger injury, a first party and third party. 

The third party bodily injury claim will be the claim you receive a settlement from. Notify the insurer that you have been injured, this will generate a claim. Then you will need to follow your treatment plans accordingly as a victim has a duty to mitigate their damages. Keep a daily journal of how you have been affected by the injury as this will aid in your settlement. Keep track of all expenses and medical bills as this will be reimbursed to your insurance company or directly to you if you have paid out of pocket. Once treatment has completed the insurer will evaluate the claim for settlement purposes. They will offer you a settlement, do not sign any paperwork and accept unless you are comfortable with the amount.