How long does the insurance company have to settle my car accident compensation claim?

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I have recently filed a claim to my insurance company for compensation of personal injury and property damage from a car accident. The claim was small, as my damages were only minor, so I made this claim on my own. Is there a specified time restriction for receiving a response from insurance companies or how long can I expect to wait for this response?


As there are limitations for how long drivers have to file insurance claims for accidents, there are limits by which insurance companies must respond to these claims. The limits for insurance companies vary depending on what is stipulated in the demand package, rather than the state specific regulations that limit the time to make a claim. This is usually 10 to 30 calendar days.

However, the overall settlement must be completed in those state specific limitations. They are separated into the two types of possible claims: personal injury and property damage. These two limits can be equal or not. If they are not, it is generally personal injury, which is the lesser of the two. Regardless of the state, the limit to either type is never less than one year, and is never more than six.

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney if you've been injured in a car accident, to ensure you get all the compensation to which you're legally entitled.

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