How to prove head trauma for motor accident compensation claims?

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How to prove head trauma for motor accident compensation claims?


In most states, motor accident compensation is obtained through either a lawsuit against the insurance company that covers the responsible driver, or through a settlement against the insurance company. Whether you are settling or suing, proving the nature and extent of your injuries is going to be important in order to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible.  

As such, to protect your right to recover your damages, there are a few different things you can do to prove your head trauma:

  • Take photographs - The more evidence you have documenting the head injury (and even the accident itself), the better your chances of being able to prove your injury. If the insurer or jury sees pictures of the accident scene or if the damage to you after the accident, they are far more likely to see your injuries as both legitimate and serious
  • Keep documentation of every medical test and medical treatment - This includes both medical records and medical bills. If you have a test like a CT scan or an MRI, make sure that a copy of that is available and that everything is documented. The same is true for any type of treatment that you have, both so that the insurer or jury can see that you are taking steps to deal with the illness and so they can see that the illness is medically valid. Keeping the bills is important because part of your compensation should include payment for medical bills
  • Keep a pain journal - Another part of your compensation is based on pain and suffering and emotional distress. The more details you have about how the injury has impacted your life, the better your chances of recovering larger damages. 

Get Legal Help

In addition to following these tips, the best possible way to prove head trauma injury and to make sure you are compensated fairly for a car accident settlement is to consult with an attorney. Your lawyer can assist you in gathering all the evidence you need and in dealing with the insurance company regarding your claim.