If I file a lawsuit for a car accident injury, how long will the case take?

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I am considering filing a lawsuit to recover compensation for a car accident injury I received when another driver ran a red light. I want to know what is the average length of a case.


The first process in filing a car accident injury lawsuit is to file before the statute of limitations has run. The statute varies from state to state, with the average length between one and two years. A few state limitations may run as long as three years, but it is never a good idea to wait to the last minute to file your suit. Once you have retained an attorney, he or she will pursue pre-litigation steps that include processing all damages arising from the car accident and trying to reach a reasonable out-of-court settlement to forgo a lengthy trial. Usually both parties are willing to settle to avoid court costs. During the pre-litigation period, the attorney will collect medical bills and records in addition to any repair estimates to your car. The total processing time averages more than one month after which the attorney can then demand a settlement. If the defendant decides to go to court, a trial date has to be set, which can take commence up to one year after the requisite documents are filed.

As laws regarding car accident injuries vary by state, consult with an attorney to determine what you need to do to file a lawsuit.

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney to find out what you should do to collect damages after a car accident.