Should I sue for whiplash after an accident?

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Should I sue for whiplash after an accident?


Whiplash is one of the most disputed car crash injuries. The problem is that whiplash is a soft tissue injury or a form of damage to the tissue, muscle or ligaments of your neck. It is not easy to diagnose whiplash definitively, since there are no x-rays that reveal it nor other medical tests that can conclusively prove you have it.

The difficulty of proving whiplash injuries, however, should not necessarily discourage you from suing if you have a legitimate case of whiplash. Whiplash can be painful and, in some cases, long lasting and if a person caused an accident that resulted in you suffering from whiplash, that person should have to pay.

Your best bet is to call an experienced car accident attorney. Your lawyer can help you to understand what evidence you will need to gather in order to prove whiplash and can help you to hire the right expert witnesses and otherwise to take the right steps to convince the jury that you do indeed have whiplash and that you do deserve compensation for it.