What types of injuries can I get from being rear ended?

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What types of injuries can I get from being rear ended?


If one has been in a car accident where one has been rear ended, one can sustain various injuries.  These injuries can be simple, or the injuries may be complex.  In either instance, one may be able to receive compensation for the injuries from a personal injury settlement.  A settlement will depend upon the facts and circumstances involved in the case. 

Types of Injuries Caused By a Rear End Collision

If one has been rear ended in an automobile accident, there is a wide range of injuries which could occur.  While not exhaustive, the following list includes some of the types of injuries that could occur:

  • broken bones
  • contusion
  • cuts, wounds
  • muscle sprains, pulls and/or ruptures
  • whiplash
  • concussion
  • head injury
  • internal bleeding
  • stroke
  • heart attack

Personal Injury Settlements in Rear End Collisions

If one has been injured after being rear ended in a car accident, a personal injury attorney may negotiate a settlement on one's behalf in order to obtain compensation for the injuries.  Every settlement differs, depending upon the particular circumstances of the case.  However, some frequently considered factors in negotiations include:

  • the extent of the injuries
  • how long an injury is expected to last
  • medical expenses
  • future medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • future lost wages 
  • pain and suffering 
  • length of time the injury has endured

State limits on the maximum amount of compensation one can receive may also play a role in settlement negotiations.

Getting Legal Help

If one has been rear ended, one could sustain serious injuries.  In such an instance, one should retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.  An experienced attorney can help one obtain the compensation one is entitled to receive, so one can stop worrying about paying medical bills and focus on getting better.