Fill Out an Accident Information Form on the Scene

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An automobile accident information form is a simple piece of paper motorists can carry in their glove boxes to save them a lot of trouble in the event of a crash. This is a preprinted form that requests vital information that can help drivers handle insurance claims and legalities with more expediency after a crash.

Details on an Accident Information Form

While accident information forms can vary somewhat in formatting, there are basic pieces of crucial information they help drivers involved in a crash collect. The information includes:

  • The other driver’s information – This part of an accident information form will request the name, address, telephone numbers and license number of the other driver(s). A detailing of the cars and insurance information should also be obtained. This information is required during the claim process.
  • Crash details – A brief detailing of the crash itself is also part of an automobile information form. The information a driver should record includes the date of the accident, approximate time of day, weather conditions, location of the collision. Drivers might also be asked to fill out a diagram that depicts positioning of the cars involved. While law enforcement officials may fill out something similar, it’s still a good idea for a driver to record their version of events as soon as possible after an accident.
  • Witness information – If there are witnesses to a crash, a complete accident information form will also have places to write down their names and telephone numbers.

Why an Accident Information Form is Important

While most people know the kind of information they need to collect for their insurance company and/or attorney following a crash, remembering it in a crisis situation can prove difficult. A preprinted form simply provides an easier way to make sure all important questions are answered prior to drivers leaving the scene of an accident.

Where to Find Forms

An accident information form can be located in a number of places. Drivers who wish to obtain one can:

  • Get one from a lawyer
  • Request one from their insurance company
  • Create their own to have handy in their glove box.

Getting Legal Advice

While an accident information form can expedite the process of working with an insurance company after a crash, legal advice may still be required. When accidents take place, an experienced attorney is best qualified to guide drivers on the steps they should take to protect themselves and their financial well being.