Hit And Run: How To Sue If You Know Who Did It

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If you have recently been involved in a hit and run accident and you know who hit you, it is important to seek legal help to assert your claim. You will need the help of an experienced attorney to prove such a complicated case which may be difficult to prove.

Your Hit and Run Case

A car accident can leave you dazed and confused, especially if the person who hit you hightailed it out of sight. If you saw who hit you and can offer some evidence as to their identity, you can likely recover compensation for your damages. Also, they may be criminally liable for failing to abide the law and stop after the accident.

It is best to let an attorney handle your claim and to avoid contacting the person who hit you prior to consulting an attorney. You do not want to damage your case by trying to handle it on your own.

Here are some steps your attorney will make to get you the compensation you are entitled to because of your hit and run accident:

  • Investigate the case thoroughly. Your attorney will discuss the case with any witnesses, take statements from them. Your attorney will try to assess any evidence of the party who hit you. Depending on what information you have about the party that hit you, your attorney will use that to try to prove who was responsible for your damages.
  • Once a defendant has been established, your attorney will file a lawsuit against that person. The suit will notify the person that they are being charged with a hit and run case. They will have an opportunity to respond via the legal system.
  • What happens next will be determined by the response of the responsible party. The case may go forward toward a trial, in which case your attorney will present facts to establish the hit and run was caused by the defendant.
  • In the end, a judge or jury will decide whether the evidence was strong enough to find fault on the defendant.

Getting Legal Help

An attorney who handles litigation in accident cases can help you obtain the evidence needed to hold your perpetrator responsible for damages. You should talk with an attorney as early in your case as possible to preserve facts and evidence. Your attorney will advise you of ways to handle your claim to get the best possible result.