Elderly Driver Accidents

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Despite the importance of driving in the United States, there comes an age when a person is incapable of driving on their own. Knowing what age a person should stop driving can be a sensitive issue to bring to the attention of the elderly driver. Skills vary between every senior citizen driver. In a one year study, there were 7,269 people 65 years and older that died in a car accident collision. Within the same time period, half of the crashes between intersections that resulted in a fatality involved elderly drivers older than 80 years old.

The abilities that may affect elder drivers due to aging factors are:

  • Loss of vision
  • Slower reaction time
  • Decrease in strength and motor skills
  • Lower tolerance to alcohol

Senior Citizen Driver

Driving is not the only form of transportation available for the elderly. The fact that someone becomes incapable of driving does not mean they are restricted to become immobilized. There are many alternate forms of transportation elders can rely on; such as their family, friends or public transportation to get around. The bottom line is some older drivers can pose a threat to themselves the motorists around them.

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