Bargaining with Insurance Claims Adjusters: Know Your Rights

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Bargaining with insurance claims adjusters can be a daunting proposition.  They know the rules.  You don't.  They do this all the time.  You don't.  This is why you have to know your rights.

Insurance is a field that many people seem to forget is entirely based in law.  You make legal agreements with your insurance company.  You pay premiums and they pay claims when necessary.  It all begins with a contract.

Remember That Your Policy Is A Contract

Your insurance policy is a contract between two parties, you and your insurance company.  As long as you maintain your part of the bargain, meaning you supplied all accurate information and you keep paying your premiums, then your insurance company is legally obligated to pay out claims as stipulated in the terms of your insurance policy.  They cannot just decide to not pay out a claim.  If you have fulfilled your part of these contractual obligations then they have to fulfill theirs.

Right To Good Faith Dealings

Beyond your insurance company having to pay out when your insurance policy says they have to, they are also required to do so in good faith.  You have a right to efficient and straightforward claims dealings.  This means that your insurance company cannot delay or deny legitimate claims in an attempt to not pay or to pay less than they are supposed to.  Many states even have a bad faith law in effect to specifically address insurance companies who engage in bad faith dealings.

Right To An Attorney

Most people try to go it alone when bargaining with insurance claims adjusters but this can lead to disaster.  When you begin to realize that you are dealing with legal contracts and that there are laws in place to protect people in your position from not getting what they are rightfully owed then you should realize that you need legal expertise to make sure that your rights are protected.  If keeping the matter between you and your insurance company is giving you the settlement that you deserve then you can keep it between yourself and your insurance company.  If it is not giving you the settlement you deserve then bring in an expert.

Seeking Out An Attorney

You will probably seek out an attorney as soon as your settlement is not paid out automatically.  As soon as you hear that you have to bargain for money you are owed you need an attorney.  They will be able to ensure that you get every cent you deserve.