How to Deal with a Hit and Run Accident

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If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, that is someone has hit your car and left the scene, there are important things that you must do to protect your rights.  

First, you should contact the police to investigate the accident. Be sure to tell the dispatcher if you are in need of emergency medical services. Your well being is the most important thing.  Next, be sure to give the police as much information as possible so that a detailed report may be taken.

Many insurance companies require that all hit and run accidents be reported as soon as possible following the incident.  Finally, be sure to contact a competent attorney so that an uninsured motorist claim may be made on your behalf.  

Some states, such as Pennsylvania, do not require an owner of an automobile to have uninsurance.  Your attorney will determine if you do have such insurance and will ask the insurance company to produce proper documentation to support their position.