Fighting an Insurance Claim Settlement Offer

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Fighting an insurance claim settlement offer can result in you obtaining more compensation or in the offer being revoked completely. Sometimes, though, it is impossible to not fight an offer because it is so low as to not compensate you for your damages and injuries. Below is advice on fighting a settlement offer.

Investigate the Procedure

Some insurance companies have specific procedures for disputing offers. Investigate whether your insurance company has specific procedures prior to filing your objection. This will prevent you from needing to repeat your steps or having your dispute denied due to its being in the wrong form. If your company does not have a procedure, you can type up, sign and send a dispute letter via certified mail.

Clearly State Your Rationale

In your dispute, provide the specific reason why you are fighting their offer. Note that a dispute is not the same as rejecting an offer; a dispute is where you question the company’s findings, whereas rejecting an offer completely removes the amount of money from consideration. A dispute leaves open the option to later accept the offer.

The reasons you provide should be clearly stated and rather simple. For example, state that you question the calculation of the amount of your medical expenses because the value ascribed to them is different than your calculation.

Provide Evidence to Support Your Claim

To successfully fight an insurance claim settlement offer you must have evidence of the amounts you request. Provide documents, receipts, bills and estimates to your insurance company to show where their valuation falls short. Providing evidence of anticipated future expenses is a little more tricky, but can be done by interviewing two or three physicians and asking them to anticipate the procedures or treatments you might need in the future.

For claims including pain and suffering, loss of consortium or mental anguish you can look to previous awards given in similar injuries. This type of evidence may be slightly more difficult to find, but your library or local court might be able to provide advice about where to find such information.

Obtain Legal Assistance

A low insurance claim settlement offer is an indication that your dealings with the insurance company are not going to progress smoothly. If you have been offered a settlement that is much too low and you intend to fight the offer, seek legal assistance with your claim.