Getting Chiropractic Compensation in Your Rear End Collision Settlement

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A rear end collision settlement is the final insurance company payout after an automobile crash. Making sure this last check covers the necessities is important so injured parties can be certain that as much of their present and future medical care as possible is paid for in the final amount. Getting compensation for chiropractic treatment can prove difficult with some policies, but there are actions claimants can take to get the compensation they deserve.

Why Chiropractic Comes into Play

A rear end collision settlement will generally involve payments for medical care related to soft tissue damage caused by whiplash. It is not at all uncommon for accident victims to find that chiropractic care provides them the relief from pain they seek from this condition. This alternative form of medicine is more widely recognized by insurance companies these days, but often at a reduced coverage amount.

While chiropractic is becoming more accepted, it is technically still considered an alternative medicine. This can make getting full coverage for care a difficult undertaking. It is possible, however, to negotiate to make certain these expenses are included in a rear end collision settlement.

Get Documentation

To ensure that chiropractic expenses are included in a rear end collision settlement, it is important for claimants to obtain all the medical documentation they can to submit to an insurance company. The items that are useful include:

  • All medical reports
  • Medical tests, such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans
  • Chiropractic reports, including future treatment plan

It can also be useful for a claimant to see both a standard physician and a chiropractor. It is not uncommon for a medical doctor to recommend chiropractic. A referral for this type of specialty care can be very useful for the final rear end collision settlement.

Follow Through

In the weeks and months leading up to a settlement, it is important for the claimant to follow through on all medical care and advice. Doing so can help make the case for a requested settlement amount.

If an insurance company requests a second opinion, make sure a reputable physician or chiropractic doctor is selected. This request is not out of the ordinary during the settlement phase of an accident claim.

Get Legal Advice

Obtaining reputable legal advice is one of the most important steps an accident victim can take to ensure a fair rear end collision settlement that covers all necessary care. A licensed attorney can fight on a victim’s behalf to make sure settlement negotiations cover chiropractic care and other treatments necessary for recovery.