Negotiating an AAA Auto Insurance Settlement

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Former American Auto Association is now titled AAA, and is one of America’s leading auto insurance providers. In addition to auto insurance, they provide coverage for homes and condominiums, renters, life, watercraft and other recreational vehicles. Major insurance providers such as AAA follow the same general procedure for negotiating settlements after car accidents.


The specific laws regarding auto insurance are determined by each respective state, rather than the federal government, making the claims filing process very different depending on the given state. Certain states operate under no-fault auto insurance, which means that one’s own insurance company is responsible only for their coverage in an accident, rather than determining fault or negligence to prove responsibility for coverage of one side or the other. In other states, negligence or fault must be determined through the police report or in some cases, a court decision. Once determined, claims can be filed according to the specific type of coverage one pays for. One’s given state determined statute of limitations for filing auto insurance claims is also important. They are anywhere from one to six years, and are divided between personal injury and property damage claims.

  • The statute of limitations for injury claims is generally lower than for property damage.
  • Forms for these claims are available by mail or over the internet.

Negotiating Settlements

Insurance companies like AAA have predetermined ranges of compensation for all types of personal injuries and property damage. Though they offer appraisal services, outside sources should be used to double check their estimations. In addition, auto accident injuries can often lead to prolonged health problems and medical bills. At least one medical professional should be consulted to evaluate this possibility, and should be accounted for in the claim. If accurate documentation of this and all other aspects of the accident have been included with the claim, but  compensation is inadequate, the offer can be countered by a demand letter. After this, the claims adjuster will reevaluate the claim, but for more effective negotiations, the adjuster’s supervisor can be consulted.

  • Misfiled claims are often the cause of inadequate compensation.
  • Professional legal aid is most useful in auto insurance when renegotiating settlements.

Getting Legal Help

Dealing with settlement negotiations of companies such as AAA is difficult. Their employees are highly experienced and capable of avoiding increased compensation when possible. Because of this it is extremely useful to hire legal aid. Specialized insurance attorneys are available in all areas, and even further specialized auto insurance attorneys are available in many areas too. Free online services are available to find these lawyers, however personal and business referrals are generally the most successful way to find the right attorney for a given situation. These attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of insurance policies, coverages and laws, and will most often benefit the result of insurance claims by getting the greatest compensation and relieving stress of this duty on the driver.