Negotiating Settlements with 21st Century Auto Insurance

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Millions of people are insured by 21st Century Insurance. If one of those insured drivers injures you or a passenger in an auto accident, it will be necessary to negotiate a settlement. Sometimes the negotiations will go smoothly but often you are entitled to compensation beyond what the insurance claims adjuster offers. There are several steps you can take to insure you get a full and fair compensation amount.

Determining the Value of the Claim

There are many different factors that determine the value of your claim. You will need to collect documentation of all losses and then submit a Demand Letter to the insurance company. At that point the 21st Century auto insurance claims adjuster will make a counter-offer and the negotiations proceed from that point.

Too often people submit a Demand Letter before understanding the full extent of their injuries. When prepared to negotiate a claim, it is important to not agree to an insurance company’s first offer unless you are absolutely certain it is full and fair compensation. 

Issues that will be considered during negotiations include the following:

  • Extent of injuries
  • Contributory negligence
  • Actions of the person causing the accident
  • Relationship of injuries to accident
  • Financial damages incurred like loss of income and medical expenses
  • Future losses expected as a result of the accident

Each of these factors can require complex documentation and analysis which is why it is recommended that you retain an experienced attorney.

Appealing the Insurance Company Decision

If you are not satisfied that the insurance company’s final decision on compensation is fair, you can appeal. 21st Century Insurance has a formal appeals process. Named the 21st Century Insurance Claims Internal Appeal, it requires you to first file a form with the Appeals Administrator who will then forward it to an Appeal Panel.

If the decision of the Appeal Panel is not satisfactory, you can then file a complaint with your state insurance board or hire an attorney if you have not done so.

The earlier you get an attorney involved in the negotiations, the more likely you are to get a full compensation. An attorney can advise you on identifying and documenting your full loss and can negotiate on your behalf. People who attempt to negotiate on their own often settle for a compensation amount for far less than they deserve.

When You Need an Attorney

In some cases, an attorney will need to assist with negotiations with the insurance company and especially when personal injuries are involved.  In the event all negotiations are unsuccessful, the attorney will be fully prepared to litigate.