Negotiating Settlement Amounts with Progressive Insurance

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Progressive specializes in auto insurance, and is one of the major providers in the United States, though they do not offer life or homeowners insurance. Auto insurance claims are often complicated because of fault or personal injuries. A properly completed claim must be filed to allow for negotiating a settlement afterwards.

Insurance Claims

The federal government does not regulate insurance law, leaving these regulations to each state. The two main types of insurance law are at-fault and no-fault, making the process for filing and settling claims different form state to state. Progressive offers 24 hour service for assisting the claims process. But for personal injuries, it is important to be patient with filing a claim. It should not be submitted until the injury has been thoroughly examined to account for the possibility of future complications. However, some states have a statute of limitations of only one year for personal injuries in car accidents.

  • Some states allow up to six years for filing an auto accident insurance claim.
  • Progressive agents are available for property damage appraisals 24/7.

Negotiating Settlements

Once a claim is filed, an insurance adjuster will evaluate the case and make a compensation offer. For property damage, this value is easy to determine using professional appraisals. However, in states of at-fault insurance, compensation can vary with the degree of fault or negligence. Whereas a no-fault state allows for compensation by one’s insurance provider regardless of fault or negligence. Because of this complication, negotiating settlements is much more common in at-fault states. These negotiations have strict limitations according to one’s insurance policy and the ability of the claims adjuster. Adjusters are limited by their settlement authority. This is the extent to which they can actually adjust the value of compensation, which is usually around $5,000 to $10,000.

  • Progressive hires and maintains their own adjusters, unlike other companies that hire them as temporary employees.
  • Some adjusters have the settlement authority as high as $20,000

Getting Legal Help

Legal help is very important for insurance negotiations because of the complexity of insurance policy contracts and insurance laws. Additionally, fair compensation is not always clear-cut in auto accidents, because of fault or negligence and injuries. The stress of an accident is compounded by the following insurance process, and made more difficult when further negotiations must be made. A specialized insurance attorney can relieve this stress by effectively handling all aspects of a case.