Car Accidents: When Do you Need a Lawyer?

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Resolving disputes stemming from car accidents take time and energy and, more often than not, cause stress. While an attorney is not required to resolve auto accident cases, hiring legal representation can often make the process much easier. Below are examples of when to consider hiring an attorney for your case.

Your Claim Has Been Denied or Negotiations Have Stagnated

If you previously filed a claim with an insurance company and that claim has been denied, you should consider hiring legal representation. The same is true if your appeal of a claim denial has also been denied or if settlement negotiations stemming from a claim have been unsuccessful. In these circumstances it is possible that to obtain compensation your next step will need to be filing a lawsuit. Any time you anticipate needing to take a dispute to court you should be represented by an attorney.

The Accident Was Serious

If the accident was serious, meaning that it involved multiple cars, caused serious personal injury or the death of an individual or otherwise had significant consequences, seek legal representation. Serious accidents often require extensive funding to make the injured party whole once again, and it is unlikely that an insurance company will provide adequate compensation through a claim. Typically, to receive what you need to make yourself whole after a serious accident you must file a court case. Serious auto accident litigation requires the expertise and knowledge only a lawyer can provide.

You Are Being Sued Individually

If you are being sued individually and have not merely been named in the lawsuit because you have an insurance policy with a company also named in the suit, consider obtaining legal representation. Being sued individually means that any compensation will come directly from your pocket and not from your insurance company’s coffers. The best way to protect yourself is by hiring an attorney to represent you in court.

You Are Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

If you intend to sue another party or an insurance company for the death of a loved one from an auto accident, seek legal assistance. Wrongful death claims are extremely contentious, difficult and, if successful, highly compensated. An attorney will be knowledgeable of the rules for filing such a claim and the burden of proof you will have in your claim.

Getting Legal Help

If you have been involved in a car accident and believe that you may need legal representation, interview multiple candidates. Analyze the specifics of your case to determine which attorney will fit your circumstances and ask any and all of your questions prior to signing a contract.