How to Get a Good Settlement for a Car Accident Insurance Claim

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Car accidents can be expensive.  The money for medical costs, the time missed from work due to injury, the out of pocket expenses and the property damage can quickly add up to staggeringly high numbers.  It is for this reason that car accident victims often seek financial damages for their injuries.  While some car accident victims will not recover damages until trial, the vast majority of car accident claims settle with the insurance company before trial, by forcing the insurance company to pay a fair amount of money for the claim.

It is, therefore, important to understand how to get a good settlement for your car accident insurance claim.   The three most important things that you can do to get a good settlement include obtaining good documentation at the scene of the accident, getting the necessary medical care for your injuries and hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Get Good Documentation at the Accident Scene

The documentation that you obtain from the accident scene will be used to persuade the insurance company to settle your claim.  For example, it is important to:

  • Take photographs of the accident scene (use your cell phone camera if you do not have another camera in your vehicle);
  • Diagram the events leading up to the car crash and the collision itself;
  • Make notes of anything that you noticed about the other driver, about the road conditions, or about any other factors that could have impacted your crash. For example, if you noticed the other driver talking on his cell phone or drinking an alcoholic beverage then you should make note of it; and
  • Write down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any eye witnesses to the accident.

This information will help you present a clear and complete story to the insurance company and help persuade the insurance company to provide you with a good settlement.

Get Prompt Medical Attention

In order to be reimbursed for your physical injuries, you will need documentation from a qualified health professional.  It is important to get prompt medical attention for your own well being and to provide the medical information to the insurance company as documentation that supports your claim.

Know When to Get Legal Help

A car accident lawyer can help you organize and present all of your documentation to the insurance company and fight for a fair settlement.  The insurance company will be represented by lawyers who will be fighting against your recovery.  You deserve to be represented by legal counsel who will present your case and negotiate a good settlement on your behalf.