How to Counter Your Auto Insurance Adjusters Offer

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An auto insurance adjuster is charged by his employer with finding the lowest amount of compensation to offer a claimant. It is not unusual, moreover, for an adjuster to deny a claim altogether if even the smallest piece of evidence support him being able to do so. When either of these situations occurs, it is time for you to counter your adjuster’s offer. Doing so is not simple, but with persistence and accuracy you can effectively counter the adjuster’s findings and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Put It In Writing

If you have noticed, everything the insurance company sends you is in writing and signed by a company representative. A written document creates a record of the transactions and interactions between you and the company. The insurance company wants to protect itself and maintain records of the settlement negotiations, which is why its contact with you is always in writing. Likewise, for these same reasons your counter to the adjuster’s offer should also be in writing.

Restate the Facts of Your Claim

The first paragraph of your counter to the adjuster’s offer should restate the general facts of your case. Make sure to include any facts that are particularly important to your case. Also, this paragraph should include the proceedings to date on your claim. State the dates the adjuster contacted you and that he began and concluded his investigation. Detail the specific places he visited, if known.

Support Your Counter

The next paragraph of your counter should state why the adjuster’s findings are wrong. Use numbers and facts whenever possible, and also make reference to any documents or conversations that have been recorded of which you are aware. The more evidence you have of why the adjuster’s valuation is incorrect, the better basis you will have for your argument. Restate your medical expenses, the cost of any repair estimates you have received as well as other, calculable numbers you have that pertain to your claim amount.

Demand a Sum of Money

It is in the final paragraph where you demand the amount of money you believe you are entitled to and that you would accept. This sentence should contain a numerical amount and be short but direct. Emphasize that you reached the amount of your counter through your calculations of the amounts listed above. However, also include in your counter a 5-7% of extra money, labeled as “future expenses”, to provide yourself with room to negotiate.

Getting Legal Help

If you have received an offer from an auto insurance claim adjuster and believe it to be too low, seek legal advice. An attorney will review the facts of your claim, value the amount of your damages and injury and advise you about the reasonableness of the offer and how to proceed.