How to Get More Money from a Car Accident Insurance Company

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The initial injury settlement you are offered by an insurance company may not be enough to compensate you for your expenses and other damages. As such, it might become necessary for you to negotiate an amount that is more to your liking. Below is a description of the ways to increase your chances of getting more money from an insurance company for your car accident.

Provide Evidence

The more paperwork you provide the insurance company to substantiate your claim, the better likelihood you will have of receiving the majority of the money you ask for. Provide copies of records, receipts and other documentation you have that states the money you have paid for your damages and injuries.

Remain Silent

While you may want to protest the amount of an offer or argue why you deserve more money, it is in your best interest to remain as silent as possible about your claim. More often than not, saying too much about your claim can provide evidence for the insurance company to use to refute your claim. Saying too much or making too many arguments, therefore, could actually damage your claim.

Let the Adjuster Do His Work

The insurance company will assign an adjuster to your claim to investigate your damages and value your claim. Adjusters are charged by their employers, the insurance company, to find as many ways as possible to lower the amount of your claim and the amount they should offer you. Do not make the adjuster’s job easier for him; let him do all his research on his own without any help from you. If you are requested to provide the adjuster a document, do so but only provide that document. The time to refute the adjuster’s findings is after you have received an initial offer.

Begin Negotiations

After receiving an initial offer of an amount that is unacceptable to you, it is time to begin negotiations for more money. Prior to beginning negotiations, identify the minimum amount that you would accept. Then, do not merely refuse an offer, but rather make a counter offer for more money than you would accept. Most likely, the insurance company will respond to your counter offer with another offer; this pattern will continue until an amount is reached that is acceptable to all parties. If necessary, provide more documentation supporting the amount of your counter offer.

Obtaining Legal Advice

One of the best ways to obtain more money from an insurance company is to hire legal representation. A lawyer will be knowledgeable about the various tactics to use in negotiations to get more money for your claim.