How to Handle a Car Accident: Evidence from the Scene

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If you have been involved in a car accident, you already know how stressful it can be.  Besides the fact that one of your largest investments, your vehicle, has been damaged, there are the ever present worries about whether you or the other driver have been injured.  Adding to the stress level of the situation, the police may be involved, and you have to exchange information with the other driver before anyone can leave the scene of the accident.  It is important that you learn how to handle a car accident so you can be prepared. For example, what can you do in a situation like this to preserve evidence that you may need if you need to file a personal injury lawsuit, or to preserve evidence you will need to defend yourself if the other driver files suit against you claiming that things happened differently?

Collecting Evidence at a Car Accident

  • The first important step to take when collecting evidence at the scene of an automobile accident is to take pictures – lots of pictures. 

Make sure that you take detailed pictures of the scene from as many angles as you can safely take photos from, as well as pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle. You should also take photos and record any other information that you feel might be useful to have captured in photographic form.  The more pictures you are able to take, the better chance you will have in court if you need to prove something about the accident or if you are seeking personal injury or other compensation.

  •  If anyone is injured in the accident, you will want to take pictures of the injury at the time of the accident as well. 

Because many injuries will disappear over time, you will want to document these injuries.  For example, a bruise on your knee may seem insignificant at the time, but if you are claiming knee pain later on, it will help to show that your knee was actually injured at the time of the accident, and that you have proof of this injury.  In addition, these photos will help you with any requirement by the other party that you provide proof of how you were injured if his insurance company balks at paying the claim.

  • After you have taken the pictures and the dust has settled, and both parties have been safely moved off of the road and out of harm’s way, you will want to make a detailed recollection of the accident and how it transpired while your memory is still fresh. 

Write down everything that you can remember or record it so that you transcribe it later. Get contact information from witnesses and police, and make sure you have everything you need from those involved to get in touch, or make a claim.

Getting Help

There are a lot of complexities involved in proving a car accident case, and you should rely on the advice of an expert attorney to help guide you through the process. Find an attorney who is an expert on how to handle a car accident case, so your lawyer can assist you every step of the way.