How to Settle a GMAC Auto Insurance Claim

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GMAC auto insurance is another name for the National General Insurance Company. Many of the steps the claimant takes to settle a GMAC auto insurance claim are similar to settling a claim through any other insurance company. However, GMAC is know for poor communication and underpayment of auto insurance settlements.

What To Expect With A GMAC Claim Settlement

You may wish to just get it all over with and settle as quickly as possible. However, with a GMAC auto insurance settlement, it is important that you don’t settle too quickly.

GMAC takes the following factors into account. If you settle right away, the investigation into each piece of the settlement puzzle may be incomplete.

  • Liability - Who is responsible?
  • Type of injury - Who was hurt and how were they injured?
  • Disability - What sort of disability, if any, now exists?
  • Type of person - Your history and the other party’s history, good and bad.
  • Damages - What is the extent of personal, general, and property damage?
  • Age - How old are the parties involved?

Get The Largest Settlement Possible

In order to get the most from your GMAC auto insurance settlement, make sure you collect and maintain the following information:

  • As much information as possible about the other party including policy information, contact information, and accident details.
  • Police reports. These are often incomplete so collecting your own information from the other party is very important.
  • Clear photographs. Visual proof of damage to person and property are vital.
  • As quickly as possible, write down everything you can remember about the accident. Your lawyer will need this information.
  • When contacting your insurance company, always get your adjustors name, employee number (if applicable), their direct line, and their fax number. You will save a lot of time if you can work with the same adjustor every time you call.

Not Getting What You Need? Contact Your Lawyer.

As with settlements offered through any large insurance company, you may feel that you did not receive the offer you deserved. Your lawyer can use the information you provide along with their GMAC auto insurance expertise to get you the settlement you deserve.

Your lawyer can help you demonstrate that you are deserving of the most compensation possible. Once you reject an offer, you can receive a counter offer for a little more compensation. As with any insurance claim, don’t expect to win the lottery.