Injury Claim Advice: Whiplash and Other Common Injuries

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Personal injury claims can happen in car accidents. Usually, the passenger or the other car's occupants will sue the at-fault driver for personal injury resulting to damages. The injured party can suffer from disfigurement due to facial scarring as he or she hits the windshield, or the injured party may have suffered from disabilities as a result of the accident. Another type of accident can happen when the neck is suddenly jerked backward and forward in an accident. This can happen to the drivers or passengers. This common injury is called whiplash and causes neck injury that may lead to trauma or chronic problems in the long run.  

Calculating Claims

An injury claim advice that a person should know is how claims are calculated. The amount of settlement can be dependent on the agreed amount that is state in your contract. Even if the injury is very painful, you can only gain as much as the contract's terms. If you want higher compensation not only for whiplash injury but for other common injuries, you will need to seek legal advice.

Getting Legal Advice

Before deciding what firm to seek advice for your case, it is better to choose one that works based on a contingency basis. A contingency lawyer agrees to be paid only when the claim is successfully won in court.

When a lawyer is in the picture, the claimant's damages can go higher because there will be general damages and special damages. General damages can include physical pain and suffering, emotional pain, loss of enjoyment, and possibly a claim for psychological distress. The claim can be high depending on the expert's report concerning your injury. Special damages are given to loss of earnings, expenses paid on hiring a car, and medical attention. Special damages can be any payments made in relation to the injury that are not covered under general damages.