Money for a Bodily Injury Claim After a Car Accident

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Injured in a car wreck? Accidents of any kind are disruptive and often traumatizing, and can be seriously difficult to recover from. An accident involving a bodily injury claim is even more complicated than a basic property damage situation, and can result in months or even years of physical recovery, depending on the seriousness of the injury. It goes without saying, then, that in some car accidents, monetary compensation may be due to a victim who has suffered a physical injury.

Compensation for Bodily Injury from a Car Accident

In an accident where the other party was clearly at fault, and where this fact is established via police records, admissions of guilt, physical evidence, or eyewitness accounts, the good news is that you should not have much difficulty getting a claim approved. Nobody can deny that your injury is a result of the other party’s mistake, and thus that person’s insurance is responsible for paying damages to you. The bad news, however, is that even in this type of best case scenario, you’re likely going to have something of a struggle ahead of you in terms of how much you’ll receive.

Typically, monetary claims in this situation are paid out in order to cover:

  • Medical costs, from doctor’s visits to ambulance rides and even physical rehabilitation.
  • You may also receive payment for lost wages, mental and physical suffering, and various other aspects of your life that may have been affected and cost you money.

Basically, any such costs are recoverable from the other party’s insurance as soon as the claim is settled, provided it is proven that your losses are a result of the accident. Here is where the catch lies: the other party’s insurance is going to do whatever possible to lessen the amount they have to pay out, and thus you may experience an argument when it comes to paying for your expenses, no matter how clear-cut the case seems to you.

To avoid losing out on what is owed to you, you absolutely must document everything. Doctor’s reports, police reports, copies of medical bills, and every related piece of evidence must be in writing, and you must be prepared to prove that these expenses came directly as a result of the accident.

Getting Legal Help

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t do this alone. Hiring a good attorney may cost you money, but it’ll be more than worth what you’ll likely recover; your chances of a fair claim settlement increase exponentially with proper representation on your side. The attorney fees themselves may even, in most cases, be paid out of your settlement- so you don't pay unless you win. There’s no reason, and no sense, in attempting to fight this alone.