3 Tips To Help Prevent Financial Ruin Following a Traffic Accident

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Motor vehicle crashes in the State of Missouri are responsible for countless heart wrenching stories of serious physical injury coupled with financial devastation. Serious injury or death to an individual or member of any family will certainly have a devastating ripple throughout all aspects of life. Following a motor vehicle crash, the following three points will certainly help to ensure you are protecting your financial well being, while focusing on your physical recovery.

1. Missouri Traffic Accident Statute of Limitations

It is important that Missouri car crash victims realize the Missouri Statute of Limitations generally applies a 5-year time frame to personal injury claims. This means that for most traffic accidents in Missouri, a person has 5 years before a lawsuit must be filed to seek damages for their injuries.

It is extremely important to consider the Statute of Limitations for Missouri personal injuries, because once you settle your car accident case you will never be able to come back and seek additional money for deteriorating symptoms.

Financial ruin often faces individuals who accept an insurance company’s low offer immediately following a Missouri car accident and subsequently need surgery or additional medical treatment. If this occurs, the person receiving the treatment will have to shoulder the cost of the treatment alone. If injured in a St. Louis traffic accident, it is crucial to wait to settle your case until you are fully aware of all your injuries.

While early settlement may mean money in hand, it is important you consider your long-term treatment picture. A negligent Missouri driver who causes a crash is responsible for all the harm they cause, and allowing them to escape without paying for all damage will result in an additional financial burden on the victim and their family. (Exceptions and variances apply to the general 5-year time frame for the Missouri Statute of Limitation for personal injuries. It is important you discuss your case with a Missouri Persona Injury Attorney immediately following your crash to guarantee compliance with all aspects of the Law.)

2. Protecting Your Personal Injury Case is Securing Your Finances

Following a Missouri car crash, the injured party is responsible for all the damages they have caused. An injured party has the right to seek compensation from the negligent driver through the use of the court system. If the negligent party refuses to pay for the harms they have caused, a victim’s only means of recovery is through a law suit. For that reason, it is important an injured victim considers the steps necessary to protect their case and ensure they are able to receive compensation for their injuries from the beginning.

A common mistake of Missouri traffic accident victims is that they believe talking to the insurance companies following their crash is in their best interest. It is always a mistake speaking with Insurance companies following a crash until you are aware of the full extent of your harms and loses. Your initial contact with an insurance company following the crash could be recorded.

You must remember the negligent driver’s insurance company operates for a profit and has an opposite interest than the injured party. A recorded conversation immediately following the crash may contain information obtained before the full extent of the damage is known. Insurance companies will often attempt to use these recorded statements to escape paying for all the damage their insured driver has caused through a victim’s early statements. This scenario then shifts the financial burden to the party injured and their family, causing financial difficulties.

3. While You Focus on Healing, Consult With an Expert Regarding Your Rights

Missouri personal injury lawyers are specialists capable of educating injury victims following a traffic accident. Speaking to a Missouri injury lawyer immediately following your crash will help ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries. Individuals are often unaware that a negligent driver is responsible for aspects such as lost wages or inconvenience resulting from their injury. This lack of familiarity often allows insurance companies to escape paying the full measure of responsibility, leaving the injured party victimized physically and financially.

St. Louis Missouri personal injury lawyer Chris Dixon is available to discuss your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 314.409.7060, or email at [email protected]. You can also visit Chris online at accidentlawyerstlouis.com. Remember, talking to a lawyer immediately following an accident will provide the education required to protect yourself financially.