Valuing a Car Accident Claim

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A variety of factors must be considered in order to properly evaluate a car wreck case value.  First, you must evaluate the strength of the liability case.  In some cases, liability is fairly clear such as in a rear end collision  However, other cases like a "green light green light" case and merger, lane change cases are more difficult.  You will need to reduce the value of the case to accommodate for liablity weaknesses. 

Second, you will need to evaluate your damages such as any medical bills, lost wages, scarring and possible permanent injuries that you may have.  Pain and suffering is another component of these damages, but this type of damages can be difficult to quantify and is sometimes received poorly by juries.  Instead, it is important to focus on how the wreck changed your life. 

Finally, the last major thing to consider in calculating case value is the parties themselves.  The unfortunate truth is that juries are more likely to relate to a person that is like them.  If the plaintiff has an extensive criminal history, this could hurt case value.  If the defendant died in the wreck and the deceased's wife is now the estate representative, then you had be very careful.

Talk to an accident lawyer before settling your insurance claim. You might be surprised just how much compensation you are probably missing.

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