Car Accident Headache

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Headaches are a frequently reported medical condition following car accidents. These headaches may develop immediately following the accident or may develop shortly thereafter. In either instance, this injury may be legally compensable depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case. When these cases are filed, they typically involve at least one insurance carrier and at least two attorneys. However, many cases involve multiple parties and therefore the case may be more complex; as a result, the case may involve numerous entities.

Car Accident Headache Symptoms

Car accident headaches are considered “post traumatic headaches.” This type of a headache comes about following a physical trauma due to whiplash, where the head and neck rapidly whips back and forth during a collision or traffic accident. The most common types of car accident post trauma headaches are:

  • musculoskeletal headaches/chronic face pain headaches
  • nerve dysfunction headaches
  • migraine headache
  • cervicothoracic somatic dysfunction/headaches involving the neck
  • soft issue injury headaches/headaches caused by an injury to soft tissues and muscles

In addition, there may be other conditions affiliated with car accident headaches. For example, permanent car accident brain injuries may be involved with any of these post trauma headaches. A permanent brain injury may require constant monitoring and medical attention, which may factor into the damages one may seek in a law suit.

Getting Legal Help for Injuries

If one has car accident headaches following an accident, one should consider consulting with an experienced personal injury car accident attorney. Car accident cases frequently involve numerous parties and complex litigation which can be overwhelming to the most educated person. An experienced car accident attorney can evaluate one’s case in order to determine whether one has a viable legal claim and if so, what legal options may be available. In addition, the attorney can assist one in selecting the most appropriate course of action in the matter.

Moreover, an experienced attorney will understand all of the complexities involved in working with insurance carriers in the matter and be able to make sure that any settlements are fair. Finally, a seasoned car accident attorney will ensure that one is compensated for the damages one sustained in the car accident.