Car Accident Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain is frequently reported following a car accident. This pain can be immediately following the accident or could be delayed pain which presents several hours after the accident. If the shoulder’s soft tissues are disrupted due to injury during a car accident, there can be significant shoulder pain as a result.  This pain may be compensable pursuant to a legal claim.

Shoulder Injuries in a Car Accident

There are various types of shoulder injuries which can cause shoulder pain due to a car accident.  These include the following type of injuries:

  • fractures- cracks in one of three bones which comprise the shoulder
  • separation- the collarbone and shoulder blade separate
  • impingement- pain due to inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon which gets trapped under the acromion, which is the end of the collarbone
  • SLAP Tear- a tear in the cartilage of the shoulder joint which separates the cartilage from the bone of the shoulder joint
  • rotator cuff tear- the four shoulder muscles sustain a tear

In addition to these shoulder injuries, shoulder pain can also be due to other types of injuries.  For example, a chest injury can cause radiating pain to the shoulders.  Moreover, there can be shoulder neck pain caused by whiplash during the car accident.  In addition, there may be car accident back pain which leads to pain in the shoulders. (See also personal injury claim for dislocated shoulder).

Liability and Insurance Claims

Frequently, shoulder injuries are challenged by insurance companies.  Many times, injuries are challenged on the grounds that the injuries may be pre-existing.  Another argument is that the injured party may have an underlying disease or health condition which aggravates or exacerbates the shoulder pain.  In addition, sometimes, settlement offers for shoulder pain are low.  This low offers are usually based upon an argument that the shoulder pain will resolve and not last for a long time.  All of these legal issues can be effectively handled by an experienced personal injury attorney who can properly defend against these arguments.  

Getting Legal Help

If one has shoulder pain due to a car accident, one should consider retaining an experienced personal injury attorney.  An experienced attorney can evaluate one’s case and determine what options one may have with respect to the case.  In addition, the attorney can assist one in selecting the most appropriate option in the matter.