Injuries That Commonly Appear After a Car Accident

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Car accidents can be a horrifying experience, especially if you are faced with one or more of the injuries after a car accident.  Besides the fact that one of your most expensive investments, your car, may have costly damage or be totaled and beyond repair, there are the ever-present injuries to deal with, which can be even more troubling.  A vehicle can be replaced – but your health is much more important, and more fragile.  There are a number of different types of injuries that commonly appear after a car accident, even a relatively minor one.  Sometimes these injuries can take days or weeks to present themselves fully, and they can last a lifetime once they are there. 

Common Car Accident Injuries

A back or neck injury are among the injuries that commonly appear after a car accident.  Whiplash, resulting from your neck being hyper-extended in the impact, can take a few days to present itself but can lead to debilitating pain.  In addition, you can have injuries to your vertebrae, such as cracked or separated vertebrae, disc injuries and strain, and even a broken or fractured back, that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis.  As you heal, muscles may tighten and joints may begin to cause pain where they did not before, so you will want to get checked out fully over the course of the days and weeks after your accident.

Other injuries that commonly appear after a car accident are brain injuries, such as a concussion, bruising of the brain, swelling or bleeding around the brain, and other types of traumatic brain injuries.  Your brain is suspended inside your head in cranial fluid, much like a beach ball floating in a pool.  Whenever rapid changes in speed occur, such as from your vehicle slowing down from hitting another vehicle, your brain can be propelled against your skull, causing these injuries.  Again, they may take time to show itself, so even if you feel fine, you will want to be alert to the fact that you may have hidden brain injuries.

Injuries of your other extremities, like hands and feet, may also be common.  For example, a person's natural reaction is to tense up when he is about to hit another car, and this tension or locking of your arms and jamming on the brake pedal could cause fractures or broken feet, ankles, hands, or wrists.  If you were hit, you may have been subject to hitting other parts of the car, which can cause these injuries as well.  Make sure that if you have been in a car accident that you are fully examined by a physician, whether or not you feel immediate effects from the incident.

Getting Legal Help

Because some of the injuries that commonly appear after a car accident do not show up immediately, you will want to ensure you are thoroughly examined before accepting a settlement. You will also want to consult with an attorney to make sure your settlement is fair and comprehensive, in light of the nature of your injuries.