Why Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Some Car Accidents

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There are several reasons that insurance companies refuse to pay for some car accidents. Your insurance provider should provide you with an explanation of any denial. Whatever the reason, you may need help assessing the legality of your insurers decision since you may be left with property damage and medical expenses as a result of your accident.

Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Claims for Car Accidents

While each case is different, some of the reasons that insurance companies deny claims include:

  • Your insurance protection did not cover the accident. If you do not carry comprehensive coverage, there may be accident situations that are not covered by your policy. If you do not carry uninsured motorist coverage which is optional in some states, and you are hit by an uninsured motorist, you may be left completely uncovered. Thus, it is wise to make sure your insurance coverage extends to all possible accident situations to make sure you do not find yourself with inadequate coverage.
  • Some actions by a driver, such as driving while intoxicated can cause their insurance policy to get off the hook from payment for an accident that resulted from their illegal behavior. If you have questions, you will need to look at the specific language of your insurance policy to see what acts could void your coverage.
  • If you missed a payment prior to your accident, your insurance may have been canceled as a result, which means your insurer does not have to pay no matter how many years you have been a faithful customer.
  • There are some cases where an insurer does not refuse to pay, but offers a low ball settlement for a claim. This is often done to reduce insurance company expenses. If your insurance company does not adequately compensate you, you do not have to accept the settlement. Talk to an attorney if you need help addressing this issue.

Getting Legal Assistance

If you need help asserting your accident or injury claim resulting from a recent auto accident, an attorney experienced in auto accident cases can help you deal with the insurer, whether your claim has been denied, or you are just filing a new claim. The days after an accident can be surreal with medical examinations, calls to your insurance and reporting your accident to the police. Let a lawyer help you deal with the legal aspects of your case and make your life easier at this difficult time.