Car Accident Claim Calculator

In many car accident claims, the damages are straightforward to calculate and usually involve compensation for the damage to the car(s). However, when injuries are involved the stakes become much higher. Car accident injury cases involve much more in terms of compensable damages, ranging from medical bills, lost income, future medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering, which can often be substantial.

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Car Accident Claim Calculator

Introduction to Car Accident Personal Injury Damages

We're all familiar with property damage compensation in a car accident. But serious car accidents that involve any injuries open up a whole new issue of personal injury tort law.

Under this set of civil laws, anyone injured by the negligence of another driver is entitled to money to make them "whole again"> This essentially means that they should be compensated monetarily for any and all damages done to them by the car accident. These personal injury damages include:

  • Medical Expenses - Any medical expenses incurred as a result of a car accident should be compensated in full.
  • Lost Income - If any work was missed, due either directory to the accident or due to injury from the accident, should be compensated in full.
  • Future Lost Earnings - In some cases, an injury may have a permanent impact on the injured parties ability to work. If so, money must be awarded to cover this loss.
  • Future Medical Costs - In cases where injury(ies) may be long-term, or even permanent, the future costs to treat must be paid.
  • Pain and Suffering - This is a "non-economic" damage that is designed to compensate the victim of an accident for all the pain, emotional injury, daily impact on life, and general suffering caused by the accident. In most cases, this is the largest award given a personal injury accident victim.

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