Michael Hua Injury Law

Michael Hua Injury Law

As attorneys, we need to be all in. Our client’s lives are in our hands—passed along through to a judge’s hands, a juror’s hands, ourhands, and each of your hands. We get the honor to fight for humans. We don't get this in any other field.

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As trial attorneys, we are all in. Especially when our client’s lives are in our hands—passed along through to a judge’s hands, a juror’s hands, my hands, and each of your hands. Each and every one of our clients are going through something that we don’t know about. Each and every one of our clients have a story that goes beyond their medical bills and records. It’s beyond just their injuries and every day we get the honor to fight for them and to make a difference in their lives and each and every one of us have a hand in it.

Michael Hua Injury Law was created with the mission of giving a fair fight to injured humans who are up against heavily profitable insurance companies and corporations who refuse to accept responsibility for discounts or to delay honest and legitimate claims.

Michael Hua Injury Law will work on a contingency fee agreement, meaning there is only a fee if you recover. We dedicate our careers in the aggressive pursuit of full honest justice and we will not settle for anything less than maximum compensation for your personal injuries.

Michael Hua Injury Law does not take a fee for your recovery of vehicle repairs and replacements. We will dive deep into the facts and circumstances of your case next to you. We can assist you in seeing top medical specialists to get the care you need to get back to the life you once had. We take pride in giving everything we have to everyone we represent. We are here to fight for you.
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Michael Hua

My ties to the Las Vegas community started here at Valley Hospital where I was born. I received my undergraduate degree here after 3 years while working 2-3 jobs at a time as a full-time student. I then went to law school at the William S. Boyd School of Law and was a member of law review.

As a Chinese Lawyer, I also serve as the Special Legal Advocate for the Asian American Advocacy Clinic, which is a legal aid program increasing legal education and providing legal support for low income and culturally diverse communities.

Before representing human beings, I represented Fortune 500 corporations and insurance companies. I remember the weekday afternoon I looked out the window, staring at the courthouse and felt unsatisfied with life. It wasn’t fulfilling and I needed a change. I found that fulfillment helping and fighting for human beings.
  • Bar Number: 14547
  • UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law
    JD , 2017

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