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If we take your case, then we are confident that we will win it. We work on a contingency fee basis,which means we do not get paid anything unless we get you money.What you don't know about your legal and medical rights can significantly hurt and prejudice your claim for compensation. Colorado personal injury lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm have successfully handled Colorado personal injury claims for well over 35 years. We have the expertise and associations, including long term relationships with the appropriate physicians and other types of experts necessary to develop a claim, and to make certain that the proper evidence or expert's opinions are documented so that you receive maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

An experienced Colorado personal injury lawyer can make the difference.
When you are hurt by the carelessness of another, the decisions can be overwhelming. We may be able to help you. We fight insurance companies on a daily basis to maximize our client's recovery.

Harm or injury caused to a person can be described as personal injury. Common personal injury cases involve car accidents, permanent injuries, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, falls on another's property from dangerous conditions. If you have been injured as a result of an accident, attack, or negligence of another you can file a lawsuit in Colorado and receive an insurance settlement.

The Mintz Law Firm, LLC Colorado personal injury lawyers have had excellent results both in settlements and in trial, and the insurance companies are well aware of those results.It takes years to build up a reputation as a premier Colorado personal injury law firm with the insurance companies. We have successfully done that over the past thirty years. Our results speak for themselves. When you know what the insurance companies are looking for when they evaluate the claim you are obviously in a better position to document the things they need in order to provide authority to their adjusters to resolve the claim for the amount of compensation that it is truly worth.

Instead of months going by without any progress on the medical treatment we can make suggestions and refer injured clients to board certified doctors and making sure the diagnostic testing that will give objective proof of injuries is ordered in an early stage of the treatment. By getting results of diagnostic testing such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or nerve conduction velocity tests the client and our office are able to make an informed decision on how much the claim is worth and when to attempt to resolve it. We believe it is better to know what the full extent of your injuries are prior to any settlement.
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Contingency fees available that cost the client nothing up front, and nothing unless the case gets settled.

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Auto Accident
Our firm has been handling motor vehicle accident cases for over 35 years.
Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis and never collects any money unless the client gets compensated. We service the entire State of Colorado and frequently visit prospective clients in their home or any other place of convenience.
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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Helping injured victims receive compensation from an insurance company is no easy task. From the beginning the injured party is fighting an unfair, uphill battle in a hostile system. It is important to even out the playing field by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who is well established and has the knowledge to battle with the insurance company.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our firm has twelve lawyers on staff with over 250 years of combined legal experience.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Our firm's motto is "We shoot straight with our clients." Whether there is good news, bad news, or no news, it will be conveyed to our clients.

David J. Mintz

From the time David J. Mintz graduated from Denver College of Law in 1980 he knew he wanted to help people in their claims against corporations and insurance companies.  

From the time David J. Mintz graduated from Denver College of Law in 1980 he knew he wanted to help people in their claims against corporations and insurance companies.
Since 1980, for twenty-eight years, David J. Mintz has represented thousands of people against the interests of big companies, such as insurance companies. He has put together a staff of lawyers and paralegals at the Mintz Law Firm that all believe in the same philosophy - that is getting people generous compensation for their injuries is the most important thing, more so than the insurance company’s bottom line.

David lives in Clear Creek County, Colorado, and represents many folks in the mountain community. A large part of his practice is generated by referrals of previous clients who believe they got great results and were treated with great respect by the firm, and that the firm “shot straight” with them.

David has interests in martial arts and motorcycle riding. He has represented many clients injured on their motorcycles. He has always wanted to go the extra mile for his clients. He oversees the running of the Mintz Law Firm and if there is an issue with respect to a client’s satisfaction, he tries to make sure that the firm does the right thing.

  • Bar Number: License to Practice
    Colorado , 1979
  • Denver University School of Law
    JD , 1979
    Denver, CO

Eric Staton

Eric Staton lived in Illinois until he was in the second grade, then in Spring , Texas, until his junior year in high school. His family moved to Littleton, Colorado in 1990, where he finished high school at Heritage High School.

After high school, Eric studied English and Philosophy in Regis University, so the practice of Law appealed to him because he wanted a career that utilized his strengths in writing and analytical thinking. Eric studied Law at Rutgers School of Law.

Eric was mentored in the area of workers' compensation by one of the best lawyers who ever practiced in that area in Colorado, and he focuses his legal practice primarily on workers' compensation claims, wrongful death claims, and injury claims of all types.

Eric Staton has been a licensed Colorado lawyer for fifteen (15) years, and has been with the Mintz Law Firm, LLC since March 2005 as a personal injury lawyer.

Outside of the office, Eric enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to the theater, and playing inline hockey.
  • Bar Number: Law License in Color
    Colorado , 1999
  • Bar Number: Law License in US Di
    Colorado , 2003
  • Regis University
    Bachelor of Arts , 1996
    Denver, CO
  • Regis University
    Bachelor of Arts , 1996
    Denver, CO
  • Rutgers School of Law
    Juris Doctor , 1999
    Camden, CO

Eric Krajewski

Eric began representing injury victims for the Mintz Law Firm in May 2007. Prior to joining the Mintz team, he worked at a national law firm based in Cleveland, Ohio as a trial attorney for several big insurance companies. He now uses the tactics and trial strategies he learned working for those insurance companies on behalf of his injury clients who are making claims against the same companies. He is primarily a litigator for the firm which means he is often in court fighting for his clients’ interests.

Eric enjoys the battle of trial and has the experience to be a most effective advocate on behalf of his clients.

Eric is admitted to practice law in Ohio and Colorado. When he is not representing the rights of injury victims in Ohio and Colorado, he spends his time being an active husband to his wife Danielle and father to his twin boys Andrew and Ethan. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, backpacking, and camping. He lives with his family and dog Hunter in the mountains of Colorado.

  • Bar Number: Colorado Law License
    Colorado , 2007
  • Bar Number: Ohio Law License
    Ohio , 2004
  • Bowling Green State University
    Bachelor of Science , 2000
    Bowling Green, OH
  • Cleveland Marshall College of Law
    J.D. , 2004
    Cleveland, OH

Hunter Holley

In addition to being a cum laude graduate of law school, Mr. Holley has a wealth of experience working for insurance companies and defending workers compensation claims for them. As a result of the knowledge he picked up during those stints,  Mr. Holley concentrates his practice in the area of making and litigating workers compensation claims for the clients of the firm.  He has  been practicing in that area for over ten (10) years.  As with other members of the firm, his practice for some time defending workers compensation claims for insurance companies, helped him obtain excellent experience in the strategies and tricks used by those companies to avoid paying the proper amounts in connection with workers compensation claims.  His work as an insurance adjuster before he took the bar exam,  has also been very useful in helping his clients navigate their claims against insurance companies.  Before working for the Mintz Law Firm, he worked for the following firms, doing, among other things, workers compensation defense:

  • Florida State University
    Bachelor of Science , 1992
    Tallahassee, FL
  • University of Texas at San Antonio
    Masters Degree , 1995
    San Antonio, TX
  • University of Houston Law Center
    Doctor of Jurisprudence, May 1998 Cum Laude Graduate , 1998
    Houston, TX

Robin Scully

Robin recently joined the Mintz Law Firm, after working for several years on behalf of insurance companies and other businesses.  He practiced law in Kansas City for about seven years, working for a prominent firm and defending several insurance companies and other commercial interests.  He moved to the Denver area in 1996 and began working for The Hustead Law Firm, where he exclusively defended large insurance companies.  Thus, Robin has a wealth of experience in the world of lawsuits against the insurance industry, and understands very well how these companies operate and attempt to minimize their financial responsibilities to their claimants.  Robin has experience resolving lawsuits through settlement, mediation, arbitration, and jury trials.  He is excited to apply his experience, work ethic, and energy to prosecuting the rights of individuals against large insurance companies, who often times view victims as numbers that should be processed – as opposed to persons who should be treated fairly.  Robin quickly determines whether a case can be fairly and reasonably settled and, if so, gets it done.  But if the insurer does not act responsibly Robin will fight for his client all the way through a jury trial, and if necessary into the appeals courts.

Robin lives near the office, in Golden.  In his free time, Robin spends time with his wife Jennifer.  He also likes to train for triathlon events, ski, and root for the Missouri Tigers and Kansas City Chiefs.  When he can find time, he also loves to play guitar and drums.

  • University of Missouri
    Bachelor of Arts , 1993
    Columbia, MO
  • University of Missouri
    J.D. , 1997
    Kansas City, MO