Why is it important to keep records and journals after an accident?

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Why is it important to keep records and journals after an accident?


After a car accident, you will likely be dealing with an insurance company. The insurance company for the person responsible for the accident may send an adjuster out or may do other investigation to determine how much compensation to offer you. In such cases, when dealing with insurance adjusters, you want to be able to provide as much proof as possible as to the extent of your damages. In addition, if you cannot reach a fair out-of-court settlement with the insurance company, you will want to have as much information as you can as to the nature and extent of your injuries to present to the jury in court.

One key way to make sure you have enough detail about what you went through is to keep sufficient records and journals. After an accident, you should keep:

  • Records of work missed
  • Details about the pain you are experiencing
  • Medical records and bills

These can be used to determine how much compensation you should receive for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress (all the damages you are legally entitled to in court)

To better understand how to gather evidence to prove your case in an accident claim, you should strongly consider speaking with an experienced accident attorney. Your lawyer can help you to build the strongest case possible so you can maximize your claim for damages.