In a multiple vehicle collision causing a domino effect, the car behind me caused me to rear end the car infront.

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I was involved in a car accident last night that became a multiple vehicle collision. I was at a stop light and I kept noticing that as a few cars were stopping behind me, there was a larger SUV weaving in and out of lanes and getting ready to cut into the lane of the car behind me at a high speed. I felt an accident coming on and I was right. In the next moments, that SUV slammed on the brakes, hit the car behind me causing a loud banging sound, that car hit me pretty hard, and as a result I hit the car infront of me. The police came, reports were filed, and the insurance claims are all being worked out. Who will be blamed here??


Usually, multiple vehicle collisions causing a domino effect of rear end accidents are held liable by the party causing the accident. His insurance for car accidents should cover the damages for all the cars so you should not have anything to worry about. However, the case will be speculated and you can likely be questioned about your distance behind the car infront of you, and whether you were at a complete stop. More than likely you should be fine, but in the event of the following 2 circumstances, you should contact a Car Accident Attorney:

1.) You are being blamed for hitting the car infront by either your insurance or that vehicle's insurance company.

2.) The liable party's insurance coverage was not sufficient enough to cover the damages to your vehicle and/or medical expenses, and you don't have coverage on your insurance either for this particular situation.

If either of these circumstances arise, contact an Attorney immediately. They will be able to help litigate the claims between insurance and ensure fair compensation for the damages. If the insurance simply can't cover the damages, you could take the liable party to court and sue for damages there.