I accidentally hit a Pedestrian who was not paying attention at all, will I be entirely at fault?

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I accidentally hit a Pedestrian as I was making a right turn in a busy interesction. The pedestrian was on the cell phone and not paying attention to the traffic light at all and pretty much walked infront of my car. I must have been going about 20-25 mph approaching a right turn and breaked immediately. He went to the hospital with some leg injuries that I am not exactly sure of. This just happend last night. Will I be fully held liable? What should I do?



Which State do you live in? Personal Injury Liability torts and statutes on determing liability for such a matter are fairly different among each state. You could be held fully liable, as pedestrians are known to have the common right of way, or the fault could be reduced as the pedestrian did not obey the traffic signal, and considering the busy, hectic nature of the intersection you were crossing where it would be hard to visually identify every pedestrian walking on the adjacent sidewalk.

There could be many possible defenses a Car Accident Attorney can help you with. You might also have some insurance coverage for such a matter. If you don't, hire a lawyer to protect your interests. The pedestrian will more than likely sue for damages, and if any injuries are permanent, the settlement you could potentially owe would be huge.