Can I settle an auto accident claim with minor injuries without the help of a Lawyer?

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I got into an auto accident where the other driver was clearly at fault. I suffered pretty minor injuries but incurred some moderate vehicle damage. Would I be better off just settling this claim on my own or is it advisable to hire a car accident attorney?



Not every auto accident with damages requires the help of an Auto Accident Attorney. If the other driver was clearly at fault, your injuries are minor, and other damages such as lost time at work are also fairly minimal, then you are better off settling it yourself. You need to make sure you have gathered all your documentation regarding your vehicle damage repair estimate, medical bills, and lost time/income from work. This will be crucial for the other party's insurance company to provide you a fairly evaluated settlement. If you feel the settlement is unfair, you can always hire an Attorney afterwards to counter and help litigate the matter. Usually, the at fault parties insurance company has a job to provide as little of a settlement as possible, so it is careful to ensure you are compensated fairly.

Al though there may be costs with getting an Attorney involved, consulting with one will help determine if this case is worth pursuing with legal help, or if you are better off on your own. Also, you can also appeal the claim down the road if you had additional injuries arise resulting from the accident that weren't immediately present.