Study Shows that High Mileage Drivers are More Accident Prone

A recent study, released by Quality Planning, concludes that drivers who spend more time on the road and behind the wheel actually have a higher incidence of traffic accidents. This may be because the ratio of driving time to accidents is not taken into consideration; however, many drivers who use their cars for under 3,000 miles of driving each year have begun to demand lower rates from their insurance companies.

Such drivers are 44% less likely to be involved in an accident than those who drove an average amount. Those drivers who were behind the wheel for more than 28,000 miles each year are 28% more prone to accidents.

Many insurance companies are not going by the system of analyzing mileage per year, because it is a difficult number to estimate or measure. However, drivers who use their vehicles less argue that they should also have to pay less for their insurance premiums. The insurance companies are listening to their pleas, but few have given in to demands. To determine coverage, most insurers lump their customers into three broad categories.