A Walkthrough of How to Handle a Car Accident Legal Situation

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When a car accident situation arises, all parties involved can end up facing a lengthy legal process related to damages and injuries. Making sure the situation is handled properly requires taking immediate action and understanding how the process should unfold. There are multiple steps that should take place following an automobile accident.

Step 1 – Call the Authorities

The first step to take following a car accident situation is to call in authorities to provide guidance. This includes law enforcement to complete an accident report and emergency medical services if injuries are involved.

Step 2 – Exchange Information

If all parties are coherent at the scene of the accident, it is important for all drivers to exchange information. This includes:

  • Names
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Insurance information
  • Contact information

Step 3 – Seek Medical Attention

All parties involved in a car accident situation should seek medical attention even if injuries are not evident. Soft tissue damage, such as a whiplash, can take hours to appear. If injuries are evident or severe, medical attention should be the top priority following a car accident situation. In this case, the police report should provide the contact information required by insurance companies for claims.

Step 4 – Notify the Insurance Company

Each driver involved in a car accident situation is responsible for notifying their own insurance companies. The companies involved will need to know about the crash as soon as possible so they can begin the process involved in handling damage and medical claims as they arise.

Expect insurance companies to request such information as:

  • Copies of the accident report
  • Information about the other driver(s) involved, along with their insurance information
  • Medical status report for injured parties

Step 5 – Contact Legal Counsel

While it is not required by law to contact a lawyer in a car accident situation, this can prove to be an important step for all parties involved. Whether it’s representation for the at-fault driver or the victim, a qualified automobile accident attorney can prove extremely useful following a collision.

A lawyer will be able to:

  • Provide assistance with any charges that have been filed
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on a client’s behalf
  • Make certain required medical care is obtained
  • Offer advice on how best to proceed following a car accident situation

When a car accident situation arises, drivers need to take immediate action to safeguard their health and protect their rights. Calling in qualified legal representation may not be the first step taken, but it should be considered as early in the process as possible.