What to Do With an Inaccurate Car Accident Police Report

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Crash Reports are critical in car accident cases.  A Crash Report contains important information regarding location, date, time and identification of the persons and vehicles involved, as well as other information regarding who was at fault.  In many instances, police officers are trying to both contend with the accident at the scene as well as create a report.  Unofrtunantly, sometimes, incorrect information is entered into the Crash Report.  If you obtain a Crash Report that contains inaccurate information, you should contact the officer that wrote the report and explain the error.  You need to follow up in writing to the officer's supervisor explaining what the incorrect information is and asking for the report to be corrected.   In most instances, the officer will not be able to make changes.  However, you will have created a paper trail of your disagreement with the report.  Unfortunantly, insurance adjusters rely heavily upon Crash Reports.  Therefore, to the extent that your Crash Report cotains incorrect information, you need to be sure and tell the adjuster about the error and also send the adjuster the letters that you sent to the applicable agency asking them to correct the report. 

Due to the critical importance of the Crash Report, if you are trying to settle a claim directly with the insurance adjuster, you will have a very difficult time convincing the adjuster that the report was incorrect and you have a valid claim.  Skilled car accident lawyers are able to develop evidence of the errors in a Crash Report in order to overcome the damage that was done by the inaccurate report.  Most car accident lawyers do not rely upon convincing an insurance adjuster that the report was incorrect.   Rather, they prove to a court or a jury that it was wrong.  For this reason, in cases in which you are not the at-fault driver and there are errors on the Police Report, its best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.